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***FURNITURE TAXI **** A Pick up and Delivery Service for furniture items. Serving Wake,Clayton,Cary,Raleigh RDUCALL for FAST DISPATCH SERVICE 8 AM to 8 PM ..................919-923-xxxx..Furniture or other Items can be Picked up with ** a Pick-up Truck ** and Delivered to you or Local Location $ 25.00* to dispatch to your pick up location and $ 2.00 per mile to destination.Example. . . if your item is 10 miles from your house it would cost $20 in mileage and $25 for a total of $45.00 to have your item picked up and delivered to you.*Add $20 for third floor pick up and or delivery!(.Senior Discount $1.00 per mile.)Things that have fit in my truck in the past(not at the same time) are